​Who We Are

The Snore Whisperer understands how important sleep is for general well being. We aim to publish unbiased, well researched information for free on this website.

Readers can enjoy well researched articles about how they can get better sleep and they can also find unbiased product reviews for a variety of products designed to help them sleep better. All of our research are published with applicable reference links from where we obtained the information.

One thing that we realized early on is that what works for one person might not necessarily work for another. That's why we try to cover as many alternative views on each topic as we can. That way, our readers can find answers to all of their sleep questions in one place.

Another goal of ours is to create the largest email newsletter about sleep in the world. At 20 000 strong, we are well on our way to accomplishing that goal.

If you have any questions or concerns about The Snore Whisperer, always feel free to leave a comment on any of the articles or contact us directly.

​Meet ​The Team

Jan Roos


Jan Roos has a passion for creating online communities and have been an internet entrepreneur for the past 12 years. 

Jan became a sleep researcher after experiencing a brief bout of insomnia and also to listening to many of his friend's and family member's complaining about not getting enough or good quality sleep.

 Jan also, witnessed first hand how snoring could affect a lot people's well being and decided to dedicate a large part of the website to it.

Emily Smith

Sleep Expert and Content Writer

How do you move from software development into content writing? According to Emily, both fields require the ability to work with a large number of clients in various industries. You learn to educate yourself quickly about the task at hand, then get the job done. Emily has researched and written on topics ranging from Sleep, blockchain to traveling on a budget. You can count on her for clear, authoritative writing that always fits your brand identity.

Currently, Emily lives in a very crowded, multi-generational household just outside of St. Louis. She studied Database Technology and Computer Programming at the University of Missouri. She’s also completed several continuing education courses in content marketing, SEO, copywriting, and ecommerce.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys taking her dogs on long walks, baking, listening to podcasts, camping, and traveling. Mostly, she loves spending time with her family, and enjoying the life of a freelancer.

​Dee Jones

Sleep Expert and Content Writer

​Dee Jones has been working as a freelance blogger and ghostwriter for over a decade. A native and resident of the Southern US, she has written everything from blog posts to ebooks, articles to product reviews. While she has written about countless topics over the years, specialties include productivity and time management, home and kitchen management, personal development, health and wellness, beauty and fitness, and living on a budget.

To learn more, you can visit her website: deejones.weebly.com

Chrissan Sy

​​Web Developer

​Chris is your regular guy who enjoys spending a good portion of his time in front of a computer.

When Chris is not writing web code, you can find him tinkering with Arduino projects or playing with his dog. Chris takes care of all the technical aspects of The Snore Whisperer. Everything from content design, to plugin development is handled by Chris.

The Snore Whisperer

The Snore Whisperer