Top 3 Breathing Exercises To Lessen Stress And Improve Sleep

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Take a long, deep breath in. Now let it out slowly. You may observe a change in how you feel after this small exercise, even if you have tried all forms of meditation techniques and home remedies for detoxing and a liver cleanse diet. Your breath is a mighty tool to reduce worries and make you feel a lot less anxious. A few of the easiest breathing exercises can make a huge difference if you make them a priority and a part of your day to day life.

  • Before you get on track, make sure to these tips in mind:•    Select a location to perform your breathing exercises. It could be in your bed, on your living room floor, or even in a relaxing chair.
  • Do not force it to happen. This can make you feel more tensed than you started out in the first place.
  • Try to perform the breathing exercises at the same time once or twice a day.
  • Always wear clothes you feel the most at ease and relaxed in.

A lot of breathing exercises take just a few minutes. When and if you have more time, you can perform them for 10 minutes or more to get even better health outcomes and benefits.

Not all kinds of breathing exercises are similar, but I personally like the ones that assist the body in relaxing and calm down a chaotic mind, and over thinking stressing cycle. The good thing is that apart from assisting you in unwinding and de-stressing, breathing exercises also make your lungs more strong. You may notice that after you have been performing the practices for quite some time, that your “normal” breathing is more in effect, as well.

Don’t forget, that just similar to any kind of workout, practice makes perfect with breathing exercises and techniques. You may not get them accurate and precise on the first attempt, but as you keep including them into your fitness routine and schedule, you will in due course discover that you can perform them without a lot of exertion or labor.

1. Pursed Lip Breathing

pursed lip breathing

This one is fairly easy and simple to perform, but it is very effective. The basic concept is to breathe out for twice the number of breaths you breathe in. Pursed lip breathing aids in releasing air that is locked in your the lungs, and lessens the number of breaths you take, while lengthening the breathing out process.

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With your shoulders at ease, take a typical breath for about 2 seconds. Then pull together your lips up (think of your mouth when you are about to whistle — that is what your lips should appear like!) and breathe out for about 4 seconds. Do this exercise repeatedly for a few rounds.

2. Diaphragmatic Breathing

diaphragmatic breathing

Also identified as the belly or abdominal breathing, this is the grandfather of all breathing techniques, as you are preparing the body to let your diaphragm perform all the work. Your aim here is to breathe through your nose and concentrate on how your tummy fills up with air.

You can do this one either sitting straight up or lying down on a flat surface; I find it is easier to do while in bed to help relax and calm down after a long day. With your shoulders back, place one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. As you breathe in slowly for roughly 2 seconds, your abdomen should push out a little bit. Feel the air increasing your belly and then breathe out gradually through the lips.

3. Breath Counting

breath counting

This is one more easing method that will prevent your mind from drifting too far, beginning the endless cycle of overthinking. Sitting at ease with your eyes shut, take a few deep breaths, then settle into a rhythm of “normal” breathing. When you breathe, count “one.” On the next breath, count “two.” Perform this until you have breathed out (and counted too) five, then begin the cycle all over again. Do not count after five, and if you feel that you have lost count, begin again at one. You will be astounded at how much attentiveness it will take to keep yourself on the count.

Safety Measures

Breathing methods are, in general, a safe, cheap way to build up your lungs, unwind and lessens the tension and angst. Nonetheless, if you are suffering from COPD or some other kind of lung disease, you should have a discussion with your physician about including breathing techniques into your daily routine — just do not hold your breath for a long time!

Last Thoughts

  • Breathing exercises aid us in more efficiently breathing in and breathing out, by means of our diaphragm. By altering the way we breathe, we can handle our emotions and sentiments a lot better than we previously did.
  • What makes breathing exercises extra fruitful is that you can do them anywhere you want, at any time that is feasible for you.
  • By means of breathing techniques, you can lessen the symptoms of stress, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, blood pressure, and COPD.
  • There are quite a lot of breathing exercises you can do to assist you in relaxing and unwinding. Pursed-lip is the simplest — once you perfect that one, move on to the more advanced varieties to aid you in easing your mind, lessen anxiety and live a generally more happy and carefree life. Stay positive!
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