CES Sleep 2019 Retrospective And a Look Forward

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CES 2019 wrapped up in early January. The bad news is that if you missed it, you missed out on a lot of cool technology. If you’re particularly excited about sleep technology, this was a great year to be in attendance. As always, the Las Vegas based show was super busy from day one on. There was plenty of innovation, and lots of emerging tech trends to see.

Don’t worry, we’re going to start this piece with a bit of a retrospective on CES 2019, and we’ll focus completely on sleep related technology. This years show was full of of really cool stuff from all over the world. There were exhibits from Korea, China, and across Europe. This was in spite of concerns that trade concerns would keep exhibitors from some nations home.

Here’s What we Saw in CES Sleep Tech Last Month

  • EEG devices that are used to monitor brain activity to provide better insights about your sleep than many of the sleep trackers that are available today.
  • Fewer sleep trackers that provide mediocre metrics without much in the way of suggestions for real improvement.

Check Out These Devices

  • Hupnos Snoring Mask that is designed to reduce snoring thanks to EPAP. It uses vibrations to encourage snorers to change position, and increase the pressure required on exhale to  help decrease snoring.
  • Ooler Bed Cooling System. If you remember the old Kryo Sleep Performance System, this one is worth a second look. It contains a water-based cooler, mattress cover, and hydro layer. The whole system is just 599 for a single bed, and 1299 for a double.
  • Urgonight EEG Headband – This is one of those EEG solutions. Wearers can actually learn to sleep better thanks to its EEG sensors. Users engage in EEG biofeedback therapy for about an hour per week.
  • Philips SmartSleep Snoring – This one is simple, but almost in a genius way. You wear a band around your chest. When the sensor indicates you’re sleeping on your back (a snoring trigger), it vibrates to encourage you to move to your side. This reduces snoring for positional snorers.
  • Neuro Beet Alpha Series – Once again, this is another piece of sleep tech that uses EEG technology. This series of products includes the use of binaural beats as a sleep improving tool. This includes a bluetooth enabled device that converts any music into binaural beats.
  • The Muse Softband – This meditation headband also uses EEG technology. It’s users can wear it to bed and listen to meditative music through a speaker. It also monitors the wearers sleep patterns.

These devices and more were just some of the showings of vendors that are in the sleep technology space. There was also an impressive number of baby monitors and other tech for parents.

A Conference Session ReCap

Of course, CES is more than a place for vendors to promote their products. Although, that alone is pretty exciting. There are also plenty of presentations for people interested in a variety of tech topics. The sleep industry was nicely represented here as well.

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We were particularly impressed with presentations and conferences on:

  • The Impact of DNA on Your Sleep
  • Smart Nurseries
  • Data And Retail Sleep Technology

There were also several other sessions covering a variety of digital health topics that broached the subject of sleep and how technology can impact it.

All in all, there was a lot to be excited about for CES sleep 2019.

Looking to The Future CES 2020

If you missed CES 2019, you might wonder if it’s worth trying to attend the event in 2020. The answer is absolutely yes. If you are interested in tech of any kind, this is a once in a lifetime event that you shouldn’t miss. Not only is it worth the price of admission to check out all of the cool new sleep gadgets such as best luxury mattress etc. You’ll have a great time looking at all of the other stuff as well.

Plus, it’s in Vegas. You certainly won’t be bored, even when you’re finished checking out hot products and sitting in on interesting presentations.
Planning is already underway for CES 2020. Just like in 2019, sleep tech is on the list!

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