Microfiber, Cotton, or Linen: Choosing The Ideal Bedding

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Let’s be honest. If you’re struggling with any kind of sleep issue, comfort becomes very important. The better you feel as you sleep, the easier it is to overcome any roadblocks to a good night sleep. The quality of your bedding can play a significant role in the quality of your sleep. Choosing the right linens is very important.

And, you’ve certainly got a lot of choices here. Some certainly aren’t worth considering at all. Polyester blends and satin sheets, for example, are cheap options that just don’t feel very nice. There are also options that are pricey, or just difficult to find. Because of that, this piece will stick with three choices that are all known for quality, comfort, and accessibility. These are linen, cotton, and microfiber. Below, we’ll go over the difference between microfiber vs. cotton, and explore the benefits of linen when compared to other fabrics.

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Are Linen Sheets Better Than Cotton? All About Linen

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Linen sheets have long been one of the most popular choices when it comes to bedding. In fact, bedding is often simply referred to as ‘linens’. Sheets made of linen are often durable and comfortable, and they come at a reasonable price. When compared to cotton, linen sheets are generally thicker, and more durable. If you select linen sheets with a high thread count that increases significantly. When choosing between linen or cotton sheets, you should also consider that linen sheets stand up amazingly to repeat washings.

Other Benefits of Linen Sheets

Linen sheets are made from flax seeds. These are a plentiful resource, making this an environmentally friendly bedding choice. Linen is also hypoallergenic, breathable, and cooler than many other options. It’s also largely static free. All of these things mean that this is a good choice if you have sensitive skin, allergies, or tend to overheat while you sleep.

Linens: The Downside

Before you go out and purchase a new set of linen sheets, consider the potential negatives. First, until they are washed multiple times, linen sheets can feel a bit coarse when compared to cotton or microfiber. Then there’s the matter of thread count. The best linen sheets have a relatively high thread count, and you will pay for the difference.

What’s The Difference Between Microfiber And Cotton? A Closer Look at Cotton

Cotton sheets are woven from threads created from the cotton plant. Cotton balls are combed out and woven into yarn. These are used to make sheets and other items. Cotton sheets are often chosen because they are soft and comfortable. Many also see cotton as a ‘natural’ choice.

The Benefits of Cotton Sheets When Compared to Linen or Microfiber

The strength and structure of cotton sheets comes from their construction. They may not be as durable as linen, but they are still quite strong. They also have a wider knit for breathability. Microfiber sheets don’t have this trait.

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Over time, cotton sheets become softer and softer. The more you use them, and the more you wash them, the more comfortable they become.  Cotton sheets are also versatile. You can feel comfortable layering multiple cotton sheets in the winter, or simply using a single sheet in the summer.

Cotton Sheets: The Negatives

First, you are going to replace cotton sheets more often than linen or microfiber. They may be less expensive, but replacement costs can negate that. In addition to this, they simply aren’t as durable as linen. Do you sweat while you sleep? Cotton may lack the moisture wicking properties that you need.

Downsides of Cotton Sheets

If you have any helpful tips on the research process for sheet-finding or would like to share your personal advantages and disadvantages of a particular style of sheets, please feel free to comment down below. This article can also be used as a guide for your family and friends that are currently trying to decide which sheets would be best for them as well!

Microfiber: A Man-Made Alternative

microfiber bedding

Most people cringe at the idea of sleeping on man-made fabrics. However, microfiber is often seen as an exception to this. The soft feel of this material, and frequent use of environmentally friendly materials in its construction make this a popular choice.

If you’ve ever shopped for microfiber sheets, you’ve probably noticed a big disparity between them in terms of softness and durability. That’s because thick strands lead to softer, and more durable sheets. This is similar to the way in which thread count impacts the quality of cotton and linen sheets.

What Are The Benefits of Microfiber?

Compared to linen and cotton, microfiber may be the lowest maintenance. They can be machine washed and tumble dried. They are more stain resistant than other fabrics. A good set of microfiber sheets will be soft and comfortable right away, even before they are washed. In this sense, they are closer to cotton than they are linen.

Microfiber Sheets: The Negatives

Even though they can be made with some recycled materials, microfiber is still problematic to the environment. Every time you wash these fabrics, microfibers are released into the water, and make their way into rivers, streams, even the ocean. This leads to microfiber pollution. These small threads can end up in the stomachs and intestines of shellfish, mollusks, and other water creatures.

Final Thoughts

Which are the best sheets for you? That really depends on your specific needs. If you need a cooler fabric, consider cotton for it’s breathability. Are you willing to sacrifice softness for strength and durability? Linen might be the answer for you. If the need for simplicity and convenience overrides everything else, then consider microfiber. Ultimately, your final choice will have a big impact on your comfort and quality of sleep.

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