5 Popular Snoring Aids That Work


Do you snore? If so, you’re in good company. Experts estimate that up to 50% of all adults snore on occasion. And the numbers are probably higher than that because a lot of people who snore probably don’t even know it. So snoring is a lot more common than most of us realize. However, some

ZQuiet Mouthpiece Review

As with most high quality anti-snoring mouthpieces, the ZQuiet seems to have been created with two major considerations in mind. First, of course, was making sure it would effectively prevent or alleviate snoring. And, secondly, the mouthpiece was designed to be as comfortable to use as possible. But the makers of the ZQuiet mouthpiece also

  When it comes to snoring remedies, MAD mouthpieces (also called mandibular advancement devices) are among the most effective. In fact, doctors often recommend MAD mouthpieces to patients who snore. Some mandibular advancement devices will set you back hundreds of dollars. But with VitalSleep, you get a MAD mouthpiece that’s just as effective as those

ZYPPAH is an anti-snoring device that promises to help you stop snoring instantly. If you want to know how confident the makers of ZYPPAH are that you’ll be satisfied with their product, all you have to do is look at the name. ZYPPAH is “Happy Z” spelled backwards. The Z stands for “Zzzzs” which stands

According to the makers of SnoreRx, their anti-snoring mouthpiece is “The Prescription for Snoring.” But is this a claim they can back up? The SnoreRx anti-snoring mouthpiece is certified by the American Sleep Association. It’s also the only product of its kind that exceeds Medicare’s new recommended product performance standards. Still, there are a lot

  Visit the Smart Nora Official Web Site. If you’ve been snoring for a while, chances are you’ve tried at least one anti-snoring pillow. So you’ve got a pretty good idea how most of them work. Well, Smart Nora is a whole new ballgame. Smart Nora does include an anti-snoring pillow insert that, for all

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? You go to bed and just lay there for fifteen, or twenty, or thirty minutes before you finally manage to drift off. Or maybe you can fall asleep just fine. It’s staying asleep that’s the problem. You find yourself waking up all through the night, especially when

The best selling SnoreDoc Mouthpiece is one of the most affordable mandibular advancement devices you can find. If you’ve been looking for a MAD mouthpiece to help alleviate your snoring, chances are you’ve heard about this economical solution. And there’s no denying that the price is pretty attractive. But how does the SnoreDoc Mouthpiece stack

Do you want a fast and easy way to improve the quality of your sleep? Then you need a mattress topper. Maybe your current mattress isn’t as soft as you’d like it to be, but you aren’t ready to spend money on a new one. In that case, a plush mattress topper can make your

The Snore Whisperer

The Snore Whisperer