When you purchase your first bed, you can easily spend more than 1000 dollars. After that, you may be tempted to settle for an inexpensive set of pillows. That could be a mistake. Choosing a pillow is an important task. It can seriously impact the quality of sleep you get each night. If you select

When you shop for bedding, you’ll find a variety when it comes to weight, color, and design. You’ll also notice many different fabric options. Some of these are quite easy to figure out. Most of us know what cotton, flannel, and silk are. They aren’t as common, but most of us also know where bamboo


Take a long, deep breath in. Now let it out slowly. You may observe a change in how you feel after this small exercise, even if you have tried all forms of meditation techniques and home remedies for detoxing and a liver cleanse diet. Your breath is a mighty tool to reduce worries and make


Let’s be honest. If you’re struggling with any kind of sleep issue, comfort becomes very important. The better you feel as you sleep, the easier it is to overcome any roadblocks to a good night sleep. The quality of your bedding can play a significant role in the quality of your sleep. Choosing the right

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When it comes to getting a great night’s sleep, few things matter more than comfort. A great mattress, comfortable pajamas, even the right lighting all contribute to a bedroom environment that’s conducive to sleep. Still, it doesn’t matter if everything else is perfect. If you’re sweaty and uncomfortable, you won’t get a good night’s sleep.

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Bamboo is all the rage lately. It’s being used to construct everything from sheets and pillows to flooring. You may have even watched infomercials on various bamboo products. Many of these claim that bamboo can cure a variety of ailments, and that bamboo is an entirely ‘green’ option for bedding. As you might imagine, the

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Unless you’re an interior decorator, the bedding section of your local department store or Bed Bath And Beyond can be a bit overwhelming. What is a dust cover anyway? What’s the difference between a sham and a pillow case? If you’re looking for bedspreads, you’ll usually find both duvets and comforters right next to one

Clipple Anti SNoring Device

A new anti snoring device has recently hit the market and it’s causing a lot of hype judging by the amount of Google searches for the product. So what is this Cripple device? In essence it is just a form of nasal dilator. One of the biggest reasons for snoring is impaired nasal breathing. If


Do you have insomnia? Chances are you’ve experienced insomnia symptoms more often than you realize. In fact, take a look at the following questions. Do you sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep? Do you sometimes find yourself waking up throughout the night? Do you sometimes wake up earlier than you meant to, and then

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of using essential oils. These fragrant compounds can help to improve your health, lift your mood, give you an energy boost, and help you get a good night’s sleep. Many essential oils also smell great, which is reason enough for some people to want to use them. But if

The Snore Whisperer

The Snore Whisperer