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When it comes to getting a great night’s sleep, few things matter more than comfort. A great mattress, comfortable pajamas, even the right lighting all contribute to a bedroom environment that’s conducive to sleep. Still, it doesn’t matter if everything else is perfect. If you’re sweaty and uncomfortable, you won’t get a good night’s sleep. You certainly won’t wake up feeling well-rested. The good news is that doing something as simple as changing out your sheets can make a big difference as you try to stay cool in bed.

Why do Some People Overheat at Night?

There are several different reasons that people struggle sweating and getting too hot while they sleep. For some, it’s simply their physiology. Certain medications can be a factor. People dealing with hormonal fluctuations from pregnancy or menopause also tend to get too hot to sleep comfortably.

Then there’s the matters of humidity and room temperature. If you’re sleeping without air conditioning, or just trying to lower your HVAC bills, you may need to find new solutions to stay cool. Whatever the case may be, check out these ten options for cooling bed sheets that can help you keep your cool.

1. Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets

Microfiber sheets make several appearances on our top ten list of sheets. That’s because they are relatively thin, breathable, and they wick away moisture. In addition to this, these particular sheets are a bit on the large side, and work well with the kind of deep mattresses that are find in hotel rooms so often.

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2. Pinzon 300 Count Percale Sheets

High thread count sheets are often touted as being comfortable and luxurious. They are, but don’t discount a set of low thread count sheets out on a hot night. Because they are thinner, slightly stiff, and made of cotton, these sheets are great for keeping cool. They provide light cover with minimal cling.

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3. Cosy House Collection Luxury Queen Bed Sheets

This is a hotel quality sheet set. You can get your set in either a matte or shiny finish. You also have your choice of more than 20 different colors. This is a great set for deep luxurious mattresses as well. The double brushed microfiber feels cozy and luxurious, but still manages to keep you nice and cool. Sleepers will also note that these are wrinkle resistant, and won’t easily stain.

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4. Comfort Spaces Microfiber Smart Cool Sheets Set

When it comes to sheets that stay cool, check out these sheets are made with a special moisture wicking, CoolMax fabric. They come in multiple sizes including extra long. They are soft to the touch and hypoallergenic.

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5. NESTL Bedding Microfiber Linen

These sheets will keep you cool while providing you a wide variety of color and size options. It comes in 37 different colors, and there are sheet sets available for every size mattress. Since it’s made of microfiber, it’s oh so breathable, and absorbent. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at how thin and light these sheets are.

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6. Whisper Organics Sheet Set

For some people, there’s nothing like a set of 100% cotton sheets. These organic sheets from Whisper are sure to keep you cool on warm summer nights, and warm again in the winter. They are environmentally friendly, toxin free, and wash softer and softer. Our testers agree they are luxurious and breathable.

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7. Mellani Bed Sheet Set

The sheet set linked below is striped. However, it should be noted that there are several varieties of these sheets available. Not only do these brushed microfiber sheets keep sleepers cool on  not nights, they resist dust mites and other allergens. These sheets are light and thin, and feel great on a hot summer evening.

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8. Peach Skin Sheets

These sheets are made of a smart fabric, and will wick sweat away leaving you cool and dry. Even better, they are a luxurious feeling 1500 thread count. They are virtually wrinkle free, and have some antimicrobial properties. If you are looking for a wide variety of colors, keep in mind that these come in 18 different hues.

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9. Royal Tradition 100% Viscose Sheets

Viscose combines both man made materials with natural ones to make a durable fabric. Viscose is great for keeping users warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Here, the man made material is paired with bamboo for a great effect. These shits wick moisture away making them great sheets for night sweats. They are soft and cool. These sheets are also environmentally friendly.

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10. Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are a truly amazing choice for keeping cool. They are lightweight and breathable, and they feel soft and plush. The sheets in the Cosy House collection are available in full, queen, king, even hard to find split king beds. Bamboo is wrinkle resistant, and hypoallergenic. These sheets come in a variety of colors, and they’re stain resistant.

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Final Thoughts

If you are on the lookout for a nice set of cold bed sheets, check out one of these ten options. You’re sure to find something to help you sleep while staying nice and cool on the hottest of nights.

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